Spaceport Kyle Runkle Rocketry Competition.

The Kyle Runkle Regional Rocketry Competition is a SEDS-USA competition designed for teams looking for more launch opportunities and experience flying larger rockets. The task is to designin a rocket for a 10k COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) flight to demonstrate our engineering capabilities. Upon succesful completion, our team will qualify for the next Spaceport America Cup. The competiton has been postponed to next year. We are still launching this year and will look at potential competions for 2022.


Max Payload weight


Minimum Altitude


Earn a spot at Spaceport America Cup (Max 30k altitude)

Rocket Build Timeline

Nov 2020

Draft Proposal and Brainstorming

Receive competition requirements, begin initial design, and draft proposal.

Dec 2020

Prelimary Design

Design work continues, with a focus on writing the first piece of technical documentation

Jan 2021

Design Completion

Design complete and purchase orders placed for manufacturing materials

FEB - MAR 2021


Begin fabrication of parts for the launch vehicle and ground station assembly.

April 2021

Full Scale Test Launch

Test launch of our full scale launch vehicle and the completion and submission of the Flight Readiness Review

May 2021

Full Scale Launch

Launch full rocket and collect telemtry and performance data to be used for next year's competions by Illinois Tech Rocketry.